Confessions of a (minimalist) VIB


Nat’s Essentials (L-R):

Concealer: Benefit Fake-Up Undereye Hydrating Concealer (Medium) | Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumière (40 Beige) | Mascara: Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash (Black) | Eyelash Curler:  shu uemura | Blush: Buxom True Hue Blush (Blushing Peach) | Blush Brush: Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush (No 02) | Lipstick: Givenchy Le Rouge (Rose Dentelle) | Perfume: Balenciaga Florabotanica

I have a confession to make: I buy a lot of make-up that I don’t need. I came to this realization yesterday when I was cleaning up my vanity and found a ton of products that I’ve hardly used.

To be frank, I buy new make-up with the intent to try out new looks, but usually opt for my daily routine.  (What can I say? Lazy girl habits die hard!) Nights out will usually include a bold lip colour and some eyeliner, but that’s the extent of my 1) patience and 2) skill.

I’ve learned that the products listed above are all I truly rely on before running out of the door each day. It takes me 5 minutes to apply everything and I avoid looking like I just pulled an all-nighter on Netflix (99% the case). I’ve decided to curb my Sephora shopping addiction and only buy what I really use/need. Unless, of course, I’m convinced otherwise. What say you, blogosphere? Any recommendations? 😋💄xo


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