Flashback Friday: D-I(owa)-Y Wedding

This past August, I had the opportunity to flex my DIY muscles and organize an intimate wedding ceremony for my aunt and her fiancé in Iowa. It was for a group of 15 close family members held in my aunt’s backyard and it was beautiful! My family and I were able to put the ceremony together in less than a week and drive from Toronto for 16 hours with all of my DIY pieces in tow.


Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the details:


Centerpieces: My aunt’s fiancé shared a similar version that I was able to replicate. The vases and gems are from Dollarama and the submersible LED lights, floating candles and flowers are from Michael’s.


Arch: My aunt picked up an arch from her local Hobby Lobby as a stand-in for the altar. I purchased fake flowers, ivy, tulle and LED rope lights (mostly from Michael’s) to add on and I wired the flowers onto the arch branch by branch! This was definitely the most time-consuming thing ever, but it was so worth it!


Lanterns and lights: The forecast called for rain when we woke up on the day of the wedding, so we were scrambling to find a tent. I’m really glad we did because it gave us a chance to line the tent with lights and hang lanterns from the posts. I made the pom-pom lanterns with tissue paper and purchased the white round lanterns from Party City.

Bubbles and bottles: No way were we going to clean up rice or confetti after the ceremony, so I purchased small bottles of bubbles to blow at the newly wedded couple. They were fun for the kids, too! As last minute giveaways, the bride filled mason jar-styled bottles (it was Iowa after all!) with M&M’s for each family to take home. These were the best road trip snacks for the ride home!


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