OOTD 11: Black on Black on Black

photo (8)     photo (10)

Vest: Marshalls | Blouse: Marshalls | Trousers: J.Crew |

Shoes: Zara | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Michael Kors

That was a Kanye West pun – I hope you got it!

The trouble with working at an ungodly hour of the morning is that I often forget to check the weather before I leave the house for the day. Exhibit: today. Nat decided to wear all black (because black is the new black ALWAYS), but failed to realize that it’s 26*C in Toronto. It was a rude awakening when I went for my afternoon walk. It was also an excruciating experience when I entered my car after work; leather seat + all black ensemble + scorching heat = very unhappy Nat. Regardless, I got through it and tomorrow is a new day! Only this time, I’ll make time to sneak a peek at The Weather Network. Woopsies. Hope you all had a productive Tuesday. You bet giraffe I did!*

❤ 😉 xo

*pun because I am wearing a giraffe necklace.


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