Au Nat-urel

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If you know me, even just a little bit, you’ll know that I do not have green thumbs. I fear all bugs found in the garden and I either 1) dehydrate or 2) drown plants when asked to babysit them for friends/family/colleagues. (Please don’t tell, although to be frank, they don’t really ask me anymore…)

This is why this year, I was lucky enough to be a planting coordinator for one of the TD Tree Days events.

Hold the phone. Nat? Planting coordinator? Laugh it up, but I can explain!

I’m a firm believer in trying everything (ok, most things) at least once. Volunteering is also a major component of my personal brand. Last year, I had the opportunity to try planting trees. I accepted, but laughed at the thought of Nat planting trees. I brought my family along (because I needed witnesses) and it turns out, it’s actually a ton of fun!

This year, I returned to the scene (at 8 am on a Saturday, no less) as a planting coordinator and had just as much fun. We were fortunate enough to have 150 volunteers, planting 900 trees, and taking us about 3 hours. We shared laughs, helped each other plant, had some snacks and an overall great morning. It is truly such a rewarding experience that I highly recommend. Everyone wins, including the environment AND it has proven to be an excellent arm workout (they’re feeling a little bit like jelly today). I can’t wait until next year.

For opportunities like this, be sure to check out TD Friends of the Environment. They are doing amazing things!

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