Must-Have: The Black Trench + #BFB

The trench coat is a classic that everyone, male or female, must own. They’re especially useful as toppers during the transitional Spring and Autumn seasons because they aren’t too thick or too flimsy (think the crepe variety we favor in the summer). If you live in warmer climates(read: definitely not the Great White North), you may never have need for the wool and cashmere variety, which is why a trench is all you’ll need!

The beige and camel colours are everywhere lately (I wear mine on a daily during the spring), but if you’re like me, you know there’s just something to be said about an all-black ensemble in the Autumn – especially if you play up your textures. ❤


Burberry Brit “Balmoral” Trench, $1110.39 CAD

I always dream of the classic Burberry trench above, but while I can certainly afford it, I certainly understand that the value of that trench can be easily saved. And so I present you all with the second installment of Nat’s budget-friendly buys #BFB 😉 :

CM_Trench Club Monaco “Aldrina” Trench, $329 CAD

I know I refused to buy my beloved Frame Skirt at $245 CAD, but I’m always willing to shell out a few extra $ for a timeless piece that I know will get a lot of mileage. Club Monaco is a great option because I know they always deliver on quality.

Aritzia_Trench  Babaton “Oliver” Trench, $295 CAD

Quite literally the perfect silhouette in just the right fabric!

BR_Trench Banana Republic Double-Breasted Trench, $220 CAD

The Gap Inc. companies are always reliable for classic pieces like the trench and other modern day trends. I usually seek them out for my coats and work pieces. This one is on sale for $220 and is currently offering an additional 40% off sale items!

MK Michael Kors Single Breasted Raincoat, $195 CAD

Does anything get more American Classic than Michael Kors? I love that this coat has a hood (closest thing to the coveted Burberry trench) and it’s also on sale for $195 (regular price is $293 CAD).

Asos_Trench ASOS Classic Mac, $134.52

This trench is exactly what I’d want to wear over dresses and skirts for when I’m feeling extra girly. I love the layered details on the back and that the coat has a little bit of sheen.

Simons Simons Biker-Style Trench, $39.95

Not the dressiest option, but certainly a great choice for casual outings. I do like the moto stitch details on the sleeves. An edgier option, but a great price point on sale for $39.95 from $115 CAD.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this segment in the comments below! If you have any #BFB requests, do share, too! 🙂 Thanks for reading! ❤


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