OOTD 24: I can make it through the Grain

IMG_3048   IMG_3045   IMG_3046

Jacket: Topshop | Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: J Brand | Booties: Dolce Vita

I have a deep, dark secret that I’ve been hiding from all of you wonderful people.

I hope it doesn’t offend you or alter your (hopefully positive) impression of me.

I’m just so embarrassed to have to tell you this.

Ok, here it goes:

I still have an iPhone 4.

Honestly, what did you think my secret was? 😛 I can explain!

My phone has never been a priority. I’m the girl who can forget her phone at home and not fret; the girl who replies to your text messages two days too late. I never really wanted a new phone – until I started this blog. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering why my pictures are so darn tiny. Welp, the secret is out: I’m trying to hide the grainy iPhone 4 camera quality.

I plan to rectify this situation with the new iPhone (I promise!), but until then, I may or may not have taken my brother’s phone while he was power napping for today’s OOTD. 😉

The tricky part about my Fridays is that I have to wear green in order to dress casually. Green is not my closet’s strength per se, but I try my best! It’s quite chilly today and so the leather jacket with fur collar was a must. (Thanks, Kat!) My colleagues were very surprised to find me in plaid, and to be honest, I was, too! I tried my best to keep it low key.

The best part about wearing boots/shoes is keeping my sock game on point!

Exhibit Super Cute Little Mermaid Socks:


Had to take advantage of the camera time, so here’s a selfie because fur collar:


And alas, the standard bird’s-eye view stance shot:


Bear with me, friends!

Wishing you all a great weekend! I’m spending half of mine at the office, so party it up in my honour. Pretty please? ❤ xo


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