October Must-Haves: Menswear


I love to shop. Not in a crazy Confessions of a Shopaholic way, but I’m well-trained in finding the best value-to-quality deal. Being the eldest sibling to three younger brothers has helped me in a number of ways because 1) I’ve learned how to tailor selected pieces to individual taste and 2) I’ve learned how to shop for men. These acquired skills have benefited me immensely when helping my boyfriend shop. I know he not-so-secretly appreciates it when I tell him what to wear or what to buy for his closet, but since we’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 2 years, I’m confident he’s committed some serious fashion faux pas out in Edmonton or perhaps his wardrobe has plateaued (which is even worse btw).

Either way, this post is for my boyfie and for any of you gents out there who are too lazy to have a look around the World Wide Web for autumn inspiration. Autumn always brings a crisp breath of fresh air and here are my suggestions to breathe life back into your closets. Let’s start with the basics:



Topman Cromb Wool-Blend Overcoat, $179 CAD

I am always on the hunt for a camel coloured coat and, fellas, you should be, too! Look no further than this classic silhouette to top all of your dressy and casual outfits. Consider this your best sartorial investment.


Zara Vintage Check Scarf, $35.90 CAD

Scarves are a must in autumn and how classic would you look with this vintage-styled scarf? Very. It’s a wrap! (I couldn’t help myself -sorry!)

Chelsea Boot

Eastland ‘Daily Double’ Chelsea Boot, $152.66 CAD

I love the simplicity and the style that the Chelsea boot brings to a man’s outfit. Either paired with denim or with trousers, you really can’t go wrong! Need a little help picking out the right pair for you? Click here to learn a thing or two.


Zara Long Length Sweatshirt, $59.90 CAD

My boyfriend loves dressing cozy/athletic and it makes me jealous because it’s 100% socially acceptable for guys to wear “cool, well-fitted sweats” all the time. This sweatshirt is equal parts athletic and cozy, with a dash of Yeezus to boot!


Converse Chuck Taylor II $80 CAD

The classic, re-invented. Not much to say, really, except buy these sleek goodies now. And keep them clean!


Gap + GQ STAMPD 99 t-shirt, $39.95 CAD

The Gap + GQ collabs always make my heart swell with happiness. This simple, streamlined t-shirt will make for great sporty streetwear. 99 problems, but a dope outfit ain’t one.


Zara Grey Parka, $179 CAD

Such a great piece! I love the detailing and the silhouette is very versatile (and functional)! A more casual approach to outerwear than the camel coat above, but equally stylish when paired with denim or when you’re going for the sporty fashion look.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below! I will, of course, interpret your silence as “we’re currently too busy adding these pieces to my shopping cart and keying in my credit card info to comment.” 😉 ❤


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