OOTD 31: Good Girl and You Know Knit

IMG_3106     IMG_3109

Knit Sweater: Cynthia Rowley | Trousers: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman |

Belt: H&M | Necklace: Topshop | Lipstick: L’Oreal Colour Riche “Red Passion” no. 297

Greetings, friends! Nat reporting for OOTD duties! Flu season is upon us and it seems everyone in my house is getting sick. When this happens, Nat enters hardcore Flu Prevention mode. Here’s how:

Step 1: Drink a gallon of water (quite literally)

Step 2: Have soup for lunch and dinner

Step 3: Take some Emergen-C in addition to daily vitamins

Step 4: Drink tea. ALL KINDS OF TEA. I steep ginger in hot water and add a squeeze of lemon. I drink green tea. I drink my fave Starbucks/Teavana combo of Peach Tranquility and Mint Majesty. Tea. Tea. Tea. I’m basically on a cleanse.

Step 5: Dress cozily.

Enter: today’s knit sweater.

It’s always a challenge for me to dress up a knit – especially the super cozy kind – while keeping in line with office dress code. In order to get away with today’s sweater of choice, I had to overcompensate elsewhere, which is why I decided to pair it with my fave Sam Edelman heels,  a fun necklace and a bold lip. 🙂


If you know me, you know that I love a good lipstick! (It’s the only make-up product that I collect/know how to use!) I almost forgot about this custom gold-dipped lipstick that I got during TIFF, but I’m really glad I remembered it (read: found it at the bottom of my clutch)! I walked around all day feeling like Taylor Swift* and I love that it kept my lips hydrated. It’s a great choice when it comes to drugstore products!


Looking forward to the weekend and all the fun it’s sure to bring! Hoping you all had a splendid day with tons of progress made, relationships nurtured and teas steeped! 😛 Until next time! xo

*Girl knows what she likes!

Taylor Swift


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