DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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DIY Sailor Scouts by Nat and Friends

I love a good DIY costume! Way more fun and creative than your standard store-bought costume. While I appreciate not everyone has the time to commit to a DIY, I always try my best to incorporate homemade touches.

Last year, some girlfriends and I made our Sailor Scout costumes (I’m Sailor Venus, far right) using a skirt, a v-neck and a ton of fabric! Peep the tutorial we watched. Super fun and we garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback.

My non-Asian work costume was themed as well: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (with Maleficent replacing the Evil Queen). My costume was bought (I can barely sew!), but the dwarfs were an easy DIY with felt beards to boot. Belt a baggy sweater and pair it with boots and it’s off to work you go!

DIY Disney by Nat and Friends

DIY Disney by Nat and Friends

The year before last, I decided to recreate one of my favorite cartoons growing up: Madeline! Again, Nat is not the greatest seamstress, but I added the collar and tie to a blue skater dress I bought for $7 at F21. Painted an old straw hat yellow and added a wig and I instantly became the friendly French schoolgirl of my childhood!

DIY Madeline by Nat

DIY Madeline by Nat

It’s always a challenge to decide what to dress as for Halloween, but I always encourage a team effort! Here are some ideas I like, sourced from PopSugar:

The Twinning Emoji


No, for real – the guy is slightly disturbing, but who doesn’t love/abuse the emoji?

Bath Products


Instagram user katiaaaa34

I’ve been in love with bath product costumes ever since Aimee Song dressed up as a loofah for Halloween a couple of years ago:

Source: Instagram user @songofstyle

Source: Instagram user @songofstyle

Some colourful tulle, some strategic placing and it’s a wrap!

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

hungry hippos

Hungry Hippos

Instagram user turtleyenoughfortheturtleclub

I loved this game as a child and who doesn’t love a good throwback? This DIY seems easy enough – think party hats made of wrapped boxes. Sold!

Spice Girls


Spice Girls

Source: Instagram user ella_calcasola

If you wanna be my lover… you gotta understand that I love the Spice Girls. Therefore, you must, too!

I’ve already started making my costume – have you? 🙂 x


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