OOTD 40: She’s Cape-able of Anything

Once upon a time, Nat had the opportunity to buy tickets to see The Weeknd in Toronto. Nat procrastinated and, to punish me for being so careless, the Universe brought Ed Sheeran as a surprise guest to the concert to perform one of my fave songs from Beauty Behind the Madness: “Dark Times.”

In other words, missing this concert became my biggest regret of 2015. Yes, I’m being a little dramatic, but no, I don’t care.

Here is the video that displays what I would’ve experienced if I hadn’t slept on the chance:

And so, today’s post is titled after a lyric in “In the Night”.

Ok, I’m done being sad and bitter (for now). Click on to see my #OOTD. 🙂


Cape: Mackage | Overpiece: H&M | Blouse: Topshop | Jeans: 7FAM | Boots: Aldo | Belt: H&M

Standard outfit for a standard Green Friday! You’ll notice my outfits will be more minimalist and repetitive than usual for the next few weeks. I have a reason, I swear! In fact, you can blame it on the moving boxes that are in this pic. Why?

Because in 16 days, Nat will be leaving the 6IX and moving to…



A happy blend of love, work and circumstance is bringing me to #YEG and it is sure to be a new adventure! I know nothing is quite like Toronto, but we can all still be friends, right? I welcome the cold-weather dressing challenge with open and fashionable arms! I also look forward to being reunited with bae, because the last 2 years of long distance has not been our best!  #YEG, READY? ❤ xo


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