OOTD 46: Green a little Dream of Me

Greetings from Edmonton! Yes – the move, the new job, the different time zone, and the weather really impacted my ability/desire to blog so I beg your forgiveness for my selfishness. I’m here now!


Overpiece: H&M | Dress: Zara | Belt: H&M | Tights: Givenchy | Boots: Aldo

Jacket: Gap | Scarf: Marshalls | Purse: Kate Spade

Sartorially speaking, I had a pretty rough week. Why, you ask? It was a combination of fatigue (I arrived Sunday and started work Monday) and lack of options, as my shipment of belongings didn’t arrive until late Thursday. Thankfully, I packed some office essentials in my luggage, like the black shift dress, which really saved me on my first day.

I’ve learned that the environment is slightly more laid back than corporate Toronto, so I wasn’t completely compelled to change out of my boots into my packed heels. Regardless, the people are very nice and it was overall a great first work week!

The weather… well… I’m not really ready to dive into that beast, but I can say that my standard coat + blanket scarf combo above will not fly here. I’m dreaming of the green Toronto that I left behind!

photo (1)

My first weekend here was quite pleasant, as I had the opportunity to meet new faces and also settle in to my bf’s home. I baked cookies in the cutest apron that I found at Winners for $12, I partied with locals and swapped my classic Chinese after-drinking cuisine for It’ Dog, a gourmet hot dog joint that also serves amazing soy garlic fried chicken, and Christmas’d our place with our mini Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It’s killing me inside to forego the Christmas crazies, but there’s really no point in decorating the apartment since we’re both going back to Toronto for the holidays! (T-23 days, but who is counting!!!)

Hoping you’ve all been well in my absence and that you’ve been listening to Adele’s new album 25 on repeat!!! Until  next time! ❤ xo


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