December Must-Haves: Menswear

UO sweater

Ah, the holidays. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from growing up with boys, it’s that the holidays are a stressful time for you gents with Christmas shopping AND figuring out what to wear. So here are the pieces I recommend you add to your carts while  you “discreetly” shop gifts for your mothers (let’s be real, you know you’re getting her pyjamas *eyes rolling*):


Zara Leather Studio Duffle Bag $129 CAD

If you find yourself travelling home for the holidays, do yourself a favour and check-in a weekender/duffle bag. The airport is the worst place to be at this time of year and you do not want to a) wait for your luggage to deplane or b) worry about lost luggage when you could be cherishing time with loved ones. The leather and streamlined shape are bonuses that add sophistication.


Night Check Pyjama $78 CAD

If you listen to me and pick up a duffle bag like the one above, be sure to pack nice PJs! Just think how appropriate and put together you’ll look when you’re opening up presents on Christmas Eve or morning.

UO sweater

Filthy Animal Sweater $82 USD

If you slept on the Drizzy “Hotline Bling” Holiday sweater and don’t want to pick up a similar version, there’s no harm picking up this kitschy classic sweater. You can wear it to that office party for some much-needed spirit, or simply DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM ASAP (because everyone else will and you can at least say you did it first!).


Ted Baker “Musken” Leather Ankle Boots $350 CAD

I’m normally the first to declare “the matching of brown and black” a cardinal sin, but this boot works. I like the colour-blocked heel and around the ankle! The cap-toe and leather finish make it versatile to dress up or down, and that little bit of purple on the lace? Oh Ted Baker, you dawg, you! ❤


H&M Cashmere Hat $34.99 CAD

This is an essential. Putting this on my list in case you a) have lived under a rock and don’t own a classic ribbed hat like this and b) lose yours every year (either at the bar or to your girlfriend). 😉


Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb $85 CAD (1.7 oz)

I can’t say I’m a cologne pro, but I tested this one at Sephora and I thought this was a solid masculine scent. Here’s what it says on the site:

An explosive encounter between two accords with detonating tones: the first, explosive, fuses zesty, fresh notes while the cold spices leave their icy bite. The second, addictive, combines a middle note of incandescent spices with a wholly masculine combination of leather and tobacco as well as the brute force of vetiver.

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Leaf, Pink Pepper, Lavandin, Chilli, Saffron, Elemi, Vetiver, Balsam Fir, Tobacco Accord, White Leather Accord.
Explosive. Addictive. Seductive.

Also, a bad@$$ grenade bottle. So kewl.


Topman Velvet Sports Jacket $179 CAD

I love velvet. I know – I’ve said this a million times, but velvet is one of the few perks of winter! Sure, you’ll only ever wear it a few times like to your work Christmas party or on New Year’s Eve, but you’ll feel like a million bucks and you’ll look like one snazzy son of a — wonderful lady. 🙂

So… whatcha waiting for? 🙂 ❤

For more shopping inpso, check, check, check, check, ch-check it out:


6 thoughts on “December Must-Haves: Menswear

  1. rxnkin says:

    That Zara bag is one of my favorite pieces. It’s great and so versatile. I would also add a camel over coat (Zara, Topman, H&M, Jack Threads, etc. sell this) that a longline sweater that you can wear under it (preferably with some texture). Love this!

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