Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Last-Minute Gifts Under $50

In a perfect world, Nat would’ve had the time to write up super witty and super helpful gift guides and would’ve published them at the beginning of the month to help you along the way with your shopping adventures. In this perfect world, you readers would’ve proactively approached Christmas shopping and would already have the gifts wrapped under the tree – but this isn’t a perfect world; Nat lives in Edmonton, and you readers are here, looking for ideas and answers to your shopping troubles.

In 10 days, the malls will be closed, chestnuts will be roasted on an open fire and gifts will be exchanged. Don’t let the countdown get the best of you – here are some suggestions if you’re stuck in a gift-giving rut or if you simply forgot to add a name (or two, or three) to your shopping list:

For your techy friend:


Google Chromecast (2015) $35 CAD $30 CAD (On sale)

The newest Chromecast streams faster, is cute and compact, comes in different colours and will cater to either Team Apple or Team Android. If you haven’t hopped on the Chromecast wagon – do! It’s a goodie and a great gift!

For anyone and everyone:

Who doesn’t want a cool water bottle? This baby keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It’s non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA free and comes in a ton of cool colours. The perfect roadie.

For the guy on the go:

Cleanser, shave lather and moisturizer WITH SPF 20? Pretty much all gents need! (Ok, not really, but they will certainly find this useful!)

For the lazy AF:

I have a confession to make: I once (read: at least twice) texted my brother to come into my room and turn off my light because I was already tucked in bed and about to knock out. Does that make me lazy? Absolutely. Does that mean these light bulbs aren’t the coolest shit ever? Hell no. Read:

The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set lets you access and control you’re WeMo Smart LED Bulbs from anywhere, using your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile internet. Dim lights, turn them on or off or create a custom schedule that works for your family.

Gimme gimme!

For the “5 o’clock somewhere” friend:

I love this because it chills your whiskey/bourbon/scotch/happiness without watering it down. Does this make me the “5 o’clock somewhere” friend? Maybe… Only sometimes…

For that bougie/vegan chef:

I’m just kidding about the bougie bit! This year, my IG was flooded with spaghetti squash and all kinds of goodness that is sure to continue on in 2016. This gift says “I am promoting a healthier lifestyle, a plethora of IG likes and an open dinner invite.” Perfection!

For the hostess with the most(ess):


Other than professional chefs/chefs on TV, I don’t really know many people who wear aprons at home. This super cute apron makes me wonder why anyone would want to go apron-less! The bottom flips up to reveal quick measurements/cup conversions – a blessing!!!

For the new homeowner OR the acquaintance that kindly invited you over for a holiday dinner:


HBC Multi Stripe Polar Fleece Throw $40 CAD $30 CAD (On Sale)

The tell-tale stripes are a classic that warms pretty much every Canadian’s heart. This is perfect for a) a new homeowner because they’re too busy buying furniture to have/think of buying a throw or b) the acquaintance who dished out the unexpected invite because this throw is seriously a classic.

For the traveler:

Most people already own a passport cover, but chances are they’ll trade it in once they unwrap this Ted Baker beauty. I love the brogue detailing and the fact that it comes with a slim pen and room for other documents.

For your mom (or grandma, or mother-in-law, or aunt):

I refuse to believe you’d ever leave your mother’s gift hanging until the last minute, but all will be forgiven once you gift these luxurious creams. They really will come in handy! (That was a bad pun and I don’t regret it.)

For your bestie:

There’s something about Tom Ford’s beauty collection that is just so darn luxe. I guess the higher-end price points are a sign, but chances are that small tube of lipstick will constantly make your bestie’s day. The gorgeous shade above is”Leonardo” for any of my besties reading this. 😉

Happy shopping! 🙂 ❤ xo


For other shopping guides to get you out of a pickle, peep:


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