January Must-Haves


Now that the holiday season is over, we can all go back to shopping for self!!! Rejoice! If you think that’s a little selfish/self-centered, I present thee with some reasons why I think a little retail therapy is necessary:

  1. Holiday/Festivus withdrawal – The holiday season is always a little slice of guaranteed indulgence to cap off the year. Nothing is worse than the realization that it’s time to get back to work/real life. After spending a mini-fortune on gifts for friends and family, girl treat yo’self! (Plus EVERYTHING amazing is on sale. More on this later.)
  2. The Winter Blahs – It’s very easy to fall into a sartorial rut after dressing to the nines for Christmas/Weddings/Work Parties/NYE etc. Most enter the dead of winter and suddenly stop giving a hoot about how we dress . (I’m sometimes I little guilty of this.) Picking up a new piece here and there will help everything feel brand new.
  3. New Year’s Resolutions – Sometimes we make realistic resolutions that we realistically won’t keep, but sometimes spending a little on your resolutions will take you a long way and will force you to get your moneys worth.

Still not convinced? Want to see what January has in stores (literally)? You know what to do! 

boscia Japanese Cleansing Ritual Kit $57 CAD

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve 150mL $28 CAD

Nat’s NYR #1: Take better care of my skin. My skin is absolutely in shock after experiencing the dry Alberta cold. I’m also guilty of maybe not fully cleansing every day (shhh). Either way, my goal is to have flawless/hydrated skin and I can always rely on boscia and kiehl’s products to help me achieve it!

I love a good lace-up and I can count the endless ways that I can wear these around the office. I love the faux croc texture and that the heel is harmless enough. New year, new heels! Who’s with me?

Aldo ‘Fecchiera‘ Necklace $25 CAD | H&M  Open Metal Cuff $6.99 CAD

Nat’s NYR #2: Accessorize more. I’m a sucker for simple outfits and silhouettes. I’m also not a fan of drawing too much attention (except in the shoe department, of course), so accessorizing really is a weakness. This year, I plan to take my favorite pieces of clothing a long way with different accessories. I love that the necklace and cuff are statements without being too gaudy. I like my accessories seen, but not heard – muted ftw!


Nike Sculpt Tights $125 CAD

Nat’s NYR #3: Be active and healthy! I know myself well enough to know not to set a crazy weight goal. I crumble under that kind of pressure and it usually ends in a night of Netflix and pizza. Instead, my goal is to be active. Whether that means going on more walks/hikes, playing sports (lol) or joining a gym, I just want to get out there. Being in outdoorsy Alberta and having a boyfriend who is pretty disciplined will very likely help. If not, at least I can count on these tights to keep me in check!


kate spade cobble hill toddy $378 CAD

It’s about time I get myself a new handbag. Those who know me know that me even thinking about this is a feat. I like the structure of this bag and the colours will transition from ice cold winter appropriate into spring pastels.


UGG Scuffette II Slippers $85 USD

Sure, I’ve been having a great time exploring my new city, but I’m pretty sure once those infamous -40*C days hit, I’ll be retreating indoors. When that day comes, I’ll definitely want to keep my feet warm and cozy around the apartment in these slippers. I hated on Uggs for years, but my new winter boots put me in my place. Darn warmth.



Nat’s NYR #4: GET A NEW PHONE. This resolution is my gift to all! After years of life with an iPhone 4 (and people judging me), I’m so excited to get with the times! This also means phone case shopping and I’ve been eyeing the transparent collection from Casetify for quite some time. Yessss.

What are you shopping this month? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! ❤ xo


For more shopping inpso, peep:



8 thoughts on “January Must-Haves

  1. jasminbloggs says:

    I’m so bad at shopping for accessories, I always find things I like but never know how to wear them. I’d love some chunky statement necklaces that will elevate my work outfits!

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