OOTD 52: Turtlenat Monday


Capelet: Banana Republic | Turtleneck: H&M | Skirt: Club Monaco |

Tights: Givenchy | Boots: Aldo | Glasses: Prada | Lip: MAC ‘Velvet Teddy’

I’d normally be the first to wish you all a Happy Monday, but today is the exception because I’m exhausted and in slow-mo.

I returned to Edmonton late last night and started work ridiculously early this morning, which is why my eyes are camouflaging with my specs in the pic above (or you can throw in an Asian joke here – I won’t judge you).

I don’t quite remember getting dressed this morning, but I’m glad I opted for my capelet again because it was pretty chilly (ok, it was cold AF). The turtleneck is massive, cozy and just what I needed to crawl through my day. I rifled through my storage when I was in Toronto and brought back my colour-blocked skirt. Added my standard boots and tights. Went to work… And now I’m getting some much-needed rest!!!

Hoping you all had a much more energetic first Monday of 2016! ❤ x



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