99 Bra-blems, but a Fit Ain’t One

Once upon a time, Nat wore a turtleneck – and it was awful.

No, the turtleneck wasn’t awful (they are one of my favorite layering pieces, after all), but I was uncomfortable all day. As I walked around the office, I knew I didn’t look as confident as my well-styled OOTD would allow; I kept adjusting and fidgeting, realizing:

I wore the wrong bra.

In the words of Sam Smith, “I know I’m not the only one.”

Have you ever bought or worn the wrong bra? You know – the one that fits too tight and creates awful back fat; the one with the straps that slip off your shoulders every time you move your arms; or the one with the straps digging into your shoulders so tight it practically pains?

Ladies, I know you know what I mean!

Thanks to the bra-fessionals at ThirdLove (peep their great products here!), I’m sharing simple tips and fixes for your everyday bra-blems! Trust me, they’re simple solutions, but worth a refresher.

To see these tips and to see my list of must-have bra styles, read more! ❤


I need to interrupt this infographic to stress how crucial the “scoop & swoop” is for average bust-sized women like myself. It seriously makes all the difference. So necessary. 




I have also been a victim of cup gaping, but I’ve found that either a) going down a cup size or b) wearing push-up style bras (all day, every day) really help prevent this!

Sure, finding the right fit can be stressful, but once you know the basics, the bra-shopping fun can begin! Just as we’d select our outfit based on where we’re going, it is just as important to make sure we have the right type of bra on! From daily officewear; to running weekend errands; to working out; and to nights out – make sure the bra style you wear is right for the occasion.

Click on the images for Nat’s essential bra styles:

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on this, ladies? Any tips to find the perfect fitting bra? What are your bra essentials? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

For more fit guides from ThirdLove, click here!

For the PDF version of the ThirdLove infographic above, click here!

Until next time, loveys! ❤



THE T-SHIRT BRA // 24/7™ Classic T-shirt Bra by Third Love,  $64 USD


THE FRONT-CLOSURE BRA // Evolve Front-Closure Bra by ThirdLove $59 USD

The BRALETTE // Wilfred Lavaltrie Bralette, $35 CAD

THE STRAPLESS BRA // CALVIN KLEIN Seductive Comfort Custom Lift Strapless, $54 CAD


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