The Grass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side

It’s only natural that the moment we adapt to the cold weather, or perfect the art of layering, or maybe even find ourselves accepting the beauty of winter dressing, Spring arrives. Thank god.

If you’re anything like myself and my fellow Canadians, you’ll understand that Spring and Summer are fleeting entities – especially in the Great North. Our experience with the seasons is easily comparable to our Canadian sports teams; they tease us with their potential and then they let us down. (I’m talking to you Jays and Raptors.) Am I a little bitter? Maybe. But when it comes to dressing for the season, I like to make sure I’m prepared.

Enter: Spring Cleaning.

A well-prepared closet is the key to sartorial, seasonal success. To help us on this journey, I’ve compiled a list of my 6 favorite spring cleaning tips that are worth trying to make sure you never take the beautiful weather for granted!

Colour Coordination is Key


Let’s start off with my fave tip: colour coordination! This is the easiest way to re-organize your wardrobe. Not only does it look neater/aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it easy to pull your outfits together; think your outfit could do with a little pop of red? You know exactly where to look , and you’ll have your choice of textures and patterns, too. (Also, jk, I clearly don’t own red. See how easy it was for me to realize that when my closet is coordinated?)

Have a System

An artist is only as good as his/her tools. You are the artist. Your closet is the art. Your storage systems are the tools. Do you see how important this stuff is? Spend a little for maximum, long-lasting results. Space bags, shoe bins, and built in storage systems are all great ways to get your closet in shape. And if you’re way too lazy to do any of this, please, please, please just make sure your hangers all match. You’ll feel like a success – I promise!

My favorite storage system? A garment rack for my planned outfits for the week and bins for off-season clothes.


Sort It Out

Be honest with yourself: if you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you are never, ever, ever getting back together! No, seriously. I’m a victim of this; that super trendy skirt with the tag still on it? That crushed velvet shirt that was all the rage for F/W 2013? Say goodbye. Clear out some space (for new buys, of course) and figure out what you can throw or donate or…

Swap Trash for Treasure

Get your friends together and have a swap party! This is something I would totally do if I was still home. Round up your girlfriends for a night out and have them bring their closet rejects. Take turns picking from the selection and whatever is left can be donated. There’s a good chance you’ll find a thing or two that would make for a great addition to your wardrobe. Interested? Check out this article on for some tips on hosting a successful swap party.

Replenish Essentials

While spring cleaning is all about refinement and ridding yourself of what you don’t need, it’s also important to replenish your inventory with essentials. No, not an embellished minaudière or Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold. I’m talking about your everyday needs – underwear, socks, plain Ts and jeans. Make note of what could use a lift and then stock up to keep yourself looking – and feeling – fresh all season long!

Quit envying your friend’s pristine, well-organized closet; the grass isn’t always greener or cleaner on the other side. It takes commitment, but, with a little bit of spring cleaning, you can have that dream closet, too!

What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? Share in the comments below!


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10 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side

  1. Meagan says:

    Love the title of this! I have the hardest time with the “honesty” part of cleaning. I’m most productive when I have a trusted friend who will shoot it to me straight and make me realize what I do/don’t need + what they’ve never seen me wear in all the years they’ve known me, lol. 🙂


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