The Great Natdoors

Time is really flying and I have so much to share!

For those of you checking up on me: I promise, I am still here! The weather has really improved and I’ve learned that living in Edmonton forces you to explore the great outdoors. So I have done just that.

For those of you who know me: you read that right.

My commitment to an active lifestyle has improved a ton since I’ve moved here. I used to be the queen of secret workouts in my basement at home (where I can lie down on my exercise mat the whole time and no one would know), but now I try my best to go to the gym, or take walks, or attend hot yoga sessions or bike. Perhaps this change has taken away from my blogging time, but it’s all about balance. I’m getting there and I trust that I’ll be back to tip-top blogging shape soon.

C and I have been exploring all of the great bike trails and routes around the city, and we try to escape to the mountains whenever time permits (I’m still an OT working girl!). I also had my besties come visit me and it was so great to know that four city girls could survive the trip to the Rockies, complete with 6 bear sightings!

Below are some snaps from some of the things I’ve been up to. Because pics or it didn’t happen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’ll be back before you know it!

Ready? x


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