Tying the Nat: A Real Wedding

Earlier this year, I wrote about my dream wedding and I made the following statements:

  1. I wouldn’t be getting married anytime soon, and;
  2. I promised an appearance of #Natzilla2020.

Well, I lied;

  1. I am newly and happily engaged!
  2. #Natzilla2018

#2toTantengco is my greatest pun accomplishment to date.

3,688 days of dating was¬†capped by a beautiful ring and the sweetest proposal (in 5 words? ‘Surprise Proposal in our Hometown’), and now here we are: planning our wedding and preparing for the rest of our lives. Like f’realz.


So glad my sissies were in on C’s schemes!

The venue is picked. A date is (basically) set. And I am in full wedding planner mode.

Stay tuned for wedding-related posts because it is slowly taking over my life! For sneak peeks at my early-stage motif development, be sure to follow my Pinterest board:


I hope you’re ready, blogosphere!



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