Pasta la vista, baby!

Greetings, lovelies, and the happiest 2017 to you all!

The New Year is upon us and I solemnly swear to post, post, post.

This April, C and I will be traveling to Italy for the first time, and we cannot wait. Maybe we’re in the midst of planning a wedding and saving a ton of money for it, but maybe we, as late 20-somethings, have to close our eyes and make the trip – because if not now… when?

So, prepare yourself, friends, as the combination of New Year’s Resolutions and sheer packing stress/shopping will surely bring a ton of postspiration. Think: Italy OOTDs, Pasta Eating Remorse, The Struggle of Packing Shoes, and Mental Currency Conversion Calculations. EndlessReady? ❤

Have a peek at pics of the Venice > Florence > Rome circuit C and I will be traveling, and feel free to share some travel tips/musts when in Italy below. signature


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