Golden Globes 2017 Trend: Plunging Neckline

I started a post about my favorite looks from last night’s 2017 Golden Globe Awards and realized they all had one thing in common: the plunging necklineemoji

Trends can be scary when we’re talking about the everyday woman (I’m looking at you, red-dress-wearing women of Nick’s season of The Bachelor!), but when we’re talking about the pros of the red carpet, it is guaranteed to be fiercely creative competition.


Life Lesson: Skip the red dress. Be the shark/”dolphin”.

Many of the glamorous women of Hollywood embraced this trend and, despite their differences or how much I envy them (I’m looking at you, Blake Lively and Jessica Biel, a.k.a. gorgeous wives of my long-time loves, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake), there is no denying the power of a statement neckline. signature



P.S. Click through the break for a closer look at my picks for Best Dressed of the night! Which was your fave? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Emma Stone in Valentino Haute Couture


Photo: Getty Images

Maybe I am blinded by my love for La La Land, but Emma Stone can do no wrong in my books. This shimmery, silvery, star-spangled dress evokes the very same whimsical, fresh feeling that the favored film embodies. So glad she got the win, and so glad I’m not the only one who feels this film and the whole crew deserves it. Please, please, please go see La La Land – love it, cry over it, obsess over it etc. You will not be disappointed!

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace


Photo: Getty Images

For those of you who know me, you know that the picture directly above and below represent tremendous growth. For those of you who are less familiar: 1) I was a huge Gossip Girl/Blair Waldorf fan as a teenager (making me anti-Serena Van der Woodsen), 2) I changed the channel every time 7th Heaven was on, 3) I’m a huge Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake fan. All of these factors make it second nature to be anti-Blake Lively and Jessica Biel, but I digress. New year, new me.

Blake Lively is a red carpet pro, and if there’s anyone who can pull off a black velvet dress replete with shimmery gold pockets and loose halter adornments, emerald and gold cuffs, and a dramatic train, she’d be my first bet. Regrettably.

Jessica Biel in Elie Saab


Photo: Getty Images

All of the same reasons for my dismay as listed above. But this belted skirt piece with the high slit, floral appliques and black and white print. I’M IN 7TH HEAVEN. Ugh. Stop.

Mandy Moore in Naeem Khan


Photo: Getty Images

Oh, Mandy.

Navy with the faintest gold shimmer beneath the chiffon material?

Cape sleeves?

Shimmery, flawless skin?

Stunning drop earrings and bracelet?

I want this look for myself. Like right now.

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren


Photo: Getty Images

There’s always that one dress that matches the award trophy. Enter Priyanka Chopra, as if on queue. This gold, long-sleeved dress with all of the prettiest embellishment and ample cleavage might catch you staring a little longer than is acceptable, but, hey, that’s what the diamond drop necklace is for, right? Also, that dark lip and wavy hair are perfection.

Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham


Photo: Shutterstock

Can’t say I’m crazy about the black velvet clutch, but I’d imagine options are limited when you’re rocking a black, sequinned, floor-length dress like this Jenny Packham one. I love that it’s simple and that she opted not to wear a necklace.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier


Photo: Getty Images

I feel like this is just the most Drew Barrymore Wildflower dress ever. Usually, that statement does not sit well with me, but when we’re talking opalescent white with silver detail and exaggerated, fluttered drop sleeves… welp. I’ll just sit here in quiet appreciation, ok?


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