Fitness Adventures: PopSugar Fitness YouTube Workouts

It is easy to forget that there is more to YouTube than Alex Aiono/William Singe covers, The Voice blind auditions, James Corden Carpool Karaoke sessions and Jimmy Fallon/Ellen DeGeneres celeb appearances/skits.

I love PopSugar Fitness workout videos because there is a little bit of something for everyone and are perfect workouts to do at home, for days when work gets you home late, for winter days when the snow makes you cautious to drive to the gym, or even for days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house.

Plus, the host, Anna Renderer, is fun and engaging with the audience on the other side of the screen. It’s also worth noting that you can yell and scream any profanity at her and she’ll never know hehe.

I’ve tried all of these videos and have used them to fill in the gaps/days when I’m not attending my registered classes. Seriously, you will get a sweat going in no time and with limited equipment required!

Cardio and Sculpting Workout

What you need: A yoga mat, a towel, a water bottle and comfortable shoes.

Why I like it: This one really gets the heart rate up! It’s a great glimpse of the workouts that celeb trainer  Jeanette Jenkins of The Hollywood Trainer fame does with her clients!

For more of my fave PopSugar Fitness workout videos, keep reading!






10-Minute Jump Rope Cardio Workout

What you need: Shoes and a jump rope.

Why I like it: For 10 minutes (technically twice, because I repeat the video), I am jumping and twisting and hopping and struggling to keep up. But man, do I feel great after this one.


Madonna Arm Workout

What you need: Shoes, a yoga mat, 3lb and 5lb dumbbells.

Why I like it: If your arms don’t feel like they’re going to fall off by the end of this (and for the next two days), you’re doing it wrong. This workout maximizes the burn in the biceps and triceps and is super quick/easy to do.


The Quiet At-Home Workout

What you need: Shoes, a yoga mat, and 5lb dumbbells.

Why I like it: This workout saved me on lazy days in C and my apartment in Edmonton. It’s perfect when you have neighbours living below and may not appreciate you jumping around and stomping your feet.


300 Calories in 30 Minutes Workout

What you need: Shoes, a yoga mat, and 5-10lb dumbbells.

Why I like it: On super busy days when I only have 30 minutes to spare before I get ready for work and when I know I have an after-work engagement, you can find me in my basement cursing at Anna and this workout. It’s effective in getting a sweat and targeting different areas without taking forever.


25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout

What you need: Shoes, and a VS Model attitude.

Why I like it: Sometimes I really, really, really don’t feel like doing a workout. So, I dance. Is it a real workout if I’m doing dancerobics? When I’m finding myself trying to catch my breath, me thinks so.


Taylor Swift’s 20-Minute Go-To Workout

What you need: Shoes, and a yoga mat.

Why I like it: T. Swift has been questionable amidst all the Kimye drama, but one thing that is undeniable is that gurl is in shape. Simone De La Rue, creator of Body by Simone, is honestly the cutest lady. This workout really activates my core, works on my balance, posture and fires up my glutes. Now if only there was a workout that would let me be as tall as T.Swift…

What are your fave home workouts? Be sure to let me know in the comments! ❤



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