Once upon a time, Nat subscribed to Amazon Prime for a whole year by accident.

Ok, you caught me. That happened two days ago.

I wish I could say I regret it, but Amazon Prime has proven to be very handy these last two days.

Needed cardstock for a Valentine’s Day project, but it was freezing rain out. Amazon Prime. (I tipped the delivery man, I swear.)

Humidifier broke, but I was too sick to haul myself to Canadian Tire. Amazon Prime.

Had an insatiable need to try WUNDERBROW Brow Gel by WUNDER2. No ‘but’ – just a need. ASAP. Amazon Prime.

I regret nothing, but you’ll regret not clicking through the break for my review of the WUNDERBROW beauty solution!







WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel by WUNDER2 in ‘Black/Brown’, $34.95 CAD

The Claim: Perfect eyebrows in 2 minutes that stays on as long as you want it to.

The gel includes a Permafix technology, is hypoallergenic and is said to be waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof.

Colour Options: ‘Blonde’, ‘Brunette’, ‘Black/Brown’, ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Auburn’.

Where to Buy:  WUNDER2 Website or Amazon (Prime <3).

How It Works: The WUNDERBROW gel comes in a tube with a wand and is accompanied by a spoolie. You’ll note I purchased the WUNDERBROW Dual Precision Brush ($12 CAD because I don’t have one and because I am weak). It’s pretty intimidating because the gel looks very runny and the colour looks very dark. Also, I am not talented.


Ok, not the best pictures. Forgive me?

Application: I used the dual brush to apply the product because I thought it would give me more control/precision, but I’m sure that using the wand, followed by the spoolie, would be equally effective in creative natural looking strokes.I tried my best to fill my brows and was surprised to see how the product dried. First, I hope there’s a noticeable difference in my sadly attempted Before and After pictures. Second, it was way easier to apply than I thought it would be. Third, it dried comfortably.  I don’t feel like I stuck glue on my eyebrows, and I’m happy to report that my sarcastic brow expressions are still doable.

Results: As for water-proof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof claims? I am currently on Day 2 and these brows seriously won’t budge! I went through my usual evening and morning skincare routine (with the exception of running toner and moisturizer through my brows to be safe). I also exercised and worked up a sweat. Still:


Day 2 with WUNDERBROW Gel: Puppy Filter so you know it’s real.

Bottom Line: This product lives up to the claims so far. It gets the job done with filling your brows and keeping hairs in place. I don’t know how long I’d want to keep the product in (from a hygiene standpoint), but for $39.95 CAD, I’m willing to put my microblading dreams on hold to find out.

Have you heard about or tried this product? Be sure to let me know! And share tips because I am seriously a newbie! xo


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