February Must-Haves: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


I know that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, but I love Love and after a January lull/Christmas detox, I am all game for a little festive fun/thoughtful gift-giving.

Looking for something to gift the special lady in your life? Kitschy gifts for your bestie? Perhaps a thoughtful gift for your mom? Something above catching your eye? Just feel like shopping?  Click through the break for my picks!





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Once upon a time, Nat subscribed to Amazon Prime for a whole year by accident.

Ok, you caught me. That happened two days ago.

I wish I could say I regret it, but Amazon Prime has proven to be very handy these last two days.

Needed cardstock for a Valentine’s Day project, but it was freezing rain out. Amazon Prime. (I tipped the delivery man, I swear.)

Humidifier broke, but I was too sick to haul myself to Canadian Tire. Amazon Prime.

Had an insatiable need to try WUNDERBROW Brow Gel by WUNDER2. No ‘but’ – just a need. ASAP. Amazon Prime.

I regret nothing, but you’ll regret not clicking through the break for my review of the WUNDERBROW beauty solution!






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The Best Office Wear Under $100

Fun fact: I love to shop.

For a while, I was conflicted: do I keep splurging on classic investment pieces? Do I buy trendy, cheap threads? Do I finally, finally, give up my obsession with Forever 21? (The answer to that is ‘no’, FYI.)

And then something happened. I got engaged.

And then I started to budget for my wedding.

And then the following happened:  do I splurge on classic investment pieces? Compromise. The money-flying emoji tethered on to another Pinterest board.

I know. If I’m saving for my wedding, I technically shouldn’t be buying at all, but as a young(ish) adult navigating through my career, personal brand is everything!  (I’d also like to mention here that off-shoulder blouses are a no-go at the office. Please don’t.) Image is a huge part of my/any personal brand and I’d never forgive myself if my outfits didn’t rep my quirky, chic and smart self.

So here we are – staple-worthy pieces for any business dress code, all priced under $100 and all capable of stretching seasons with a little TLC. Click through the break for details and click each pic for links!

You’re welcome. ❤signature

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Shop: The Face Shop

Face Shop Haul.jpg

Once upon a time, Nat was on a mission to check a wedding errand off her list and ended up buying non-wedding related things.

But if we’re talking skincare, then it technically could be considered wedding-related because it is important for any bride to have great skin for their wedding day. See what I did there?

The Face Shop company was created in Korea and, well, considering how flawlessly stunning most Koreans’ skin is, I feel kinda silly that it took me this long to fully appreciate the products. It all started with high praise from a trusted family member regarding the Jeju Volcanic Lava line and the Pore Cleansing Wipes.

I’m the addictive type, so the rest is history.

Follow through the link for details on what I bought – and what is currently in my online shopping cart. Oops.




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The Best fitbit Charge 2 Bands

We all know that blogging more consistently is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s time that I share a slightly more pressing resolution: weight loss.

Yes, I’m one of those Resolutioners, but I can explain.

Exercise scares the living daylights out of me. I grew up with very limited athletic ability/inclination, but I have been trying so hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m kicking it into high gear in 2017 in anticipation of my cousin’s wedding in the UK in April, and hoping I can keep it long-term as I prepare for my own walk down the aisle in 2018.

To motivate myself, I’m switching my watch for the fitbit Charge 2 wristband so that I can monitor my progress. So far, it’s encouraged me to keep my stats up and hold myself accountable – a great start, but…

Fashion wise, fitness wristbands are a huge downgrade.

Enter: First world Problem. Can I wear two watches on one arm? Can I get away with my current wristwear game and maybe hide the fitbit on my other wrist, under my blouse sleeves? Will my fitbit work if I wear it on my ankle like a tracker i.e. LiLo on house arrest?

Such a dilemma. I mean, look how pretty my current set up is! Yes, this may seem like a shameless ring and mani pic, but I’m going somewhere with this, I swear.


Choosing between fashion and function is a serious #FWP.

My fashion conscience and office-working, trend-loving self would never forgive me for wearing the basic black band out in public (gym is acceptable), so, after some research, I present my fave official and after-market straps for the fitbit Charge 2. See all the trendy options that I’m considering after the break. You’re welcome. signature



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April Must-Haves

The English Nerd in me rejoices every April because I can say: “April is the cruelest month”… And then I look around the room to see who actually understood that reference. (T.S. Elliot’s “The Waste Land” – one of my fave poems!)

April really is the cruelest month because 1) April Showers, 2) I never make it to Coachella and 3) I still ‘like’ ❤ all the Coachella IG pics on my feed like a sucker. Ladies, if you and I are on the same boat…

Cheer yourselves up with my monthly must-haves! 🙂

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Confessions of a Springaholic

Spring Buys

Ok, I can explain the logic behind this splurge.

What kind of person would I be if I blogged all about spring cleaning and refreshing essentials, but didn’t follow my own advice? A hypocrite, of course, but with a poor complexion and terribly styled hair. Even. Worse.

I’ve been on and on about how the dry climate in my new city has taken its toll on my skin and hair. I’ve been trying all sorts of different products, but I’ve finally committed to the ones above. For Spring, at least.

To find out what I like about my new Spring picks, keep reading!

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The Grass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side

It’s only natural that the moment we adapt to the cold weather, or perfect the art of layering, or maybe even find ourselves accepting the beauty of winter dressing, Spring arrives. Thank god.

If you’re anything like myself and my fellow Canadians, you’ll understand that Spring and Summer are fleeting entities – especially in the Great North. Our experience with the seasons is easily comparable to our Canadian sports teams; they tease us with their potential and then they let us down. (I’m talking to you Jays and Raptors.) Am I a little bitter? Maybe. But when it comes to dressing for the season, I like to make sure I’m prepared.

Enter: Spring Cleaning.

A well-prepared closet is the key to sartorial, seasonal success. To help us on this journey, I’ve compiled a list of my 6 favorite spring cleaning tips that are worth trying to make sure you never take the beautiful weather for granted!

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